I’m a freelance programmer, mainly working on web development. I’m a Malaysian of Chinese ethnic, but I’ve moved to Tokyo since 2012 for my university studies, and have been living in Tokyo since then.

I started programming since 11. When my friends all went home to do their homework, I stared at the computer monitor writing my own programs. I started getting paid for programming at the age of 15, when I started contributing and getting involved in a particular popular PHP script. At 16, I was hired by Charazay, a basketball team manager game website as a part-time developer. When I was involved in Charazay, I was the sole active developer contributing and adding new features. Finally at 18, feeling that I was compensated fairly for my contribution, I decided to leave.

From then on, I started my own projects, some of which went a little bit viral, but in the end, lacking the motivation to continue maintaining them, I’ve shut them all down. During this period, I was attending Tokyo Institute of Technology for my undergraduate studies in computer science. I was awarded a rather modest scholarship that covered all my expenses. However, I wasn’t able to secure a scholarship for my Masters studies, so I decided to start freelancing in order to pay for my tuition.

Beginning this April, I will be starting my PhD program in Artificial Intelligence at Sokendai in Japan. It’s a 3 years doctoral program, where I hope I’ll be pushing the boundary of human knowledge and produce something new.